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Pick one “Big 4” community development topic

Not the entire broad topic…narrow it down to one or two aspects of the topic
Which one and why this one?
Where and why this location? Not N. America.
(You need to have some personal knowledge of the location.)
How can IT professional field/experiences inform how you can address that topic in making a difference?
It may be you starting an organization
It may be you doing it in addition to your job – like a CSR initiative
It may be a service activity you do outside your job
What can you, as an I.T. professional, do about it to make a difference?
Work experiences
Your nature as an I.T. professional
What ICT-related technology(ies) can you use to facilitate addressing the topic?
Information technologies
Communications technologies
Which one(s) and how will they be used?
You will create a Powerpoint to share with the class!
Cover slide with your name and topic you chose
One slide for at least each of the major bullets on this list
That means at least four content slides
You may find that you need up to ten slides
References slide if you use content from anywhere on the Internet, in a book, or from a person
The slides will be run through a plagiarism check
Most presentations end up being 6-10 slides in length

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