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Discussion: Turnitin, High Similarity Score, Plagiarism …

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Ethics Discussion
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· Share what you have learned about the term “academic integrity” and how it relates to students preparing class assignments.

· Share your knowledge, experience, and/or research related to writing a master’s-level paper that (a) does or (b) does not violate the academic integrity policy. For example, share with your peers any experiences you have had with similarity scores and paraphrasingor in an undergraduate assignment from your prior degree program.

· Explain which ethical philosophy (or philosophies) relate to academic integrity.

· Do you think the university practice of using software to detect plagiarism issues is ethical? Why or why not?

· Is finding a similarity score for each assignment a good learning experience for students (i.e., does it teach students to be better writers)? Why or why not? If not, how can it be improved upon?

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