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Discussion: Communication Strategies for Different Audiences

How does a health care administrator communicate with different audiences? What potential challenges might exist for health care administrators when engaged in communication with these audiences?

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As mentioned previously, health care administrators engage in communication with different audiences. Not surprisingly, the approaches used to effectively communicate with a patient or client may not be as effective when communicating with a physician, other medical staff, or non-medical employees/staff. While the approaches used to communicate with these different audiences will certainly vary, clear, concise, and direct messages will contribute to the effectiveness of your communication as a health care administrator.

For this Discussion, review strategies in the resources for this week that health administrators might use to communicate with different audiences. Reflect on what strategies you might use as a health care administrator when engaged in communication with these audiences. Then, consider how these strategies might differ when delivering the same message to different audiences.

Part 1

Post a brief description of health care administrator strategies for communicating with different audiences (providers, patients, and staff). Then, explain how these strategies might differ depending on the audience and why.

Part 2

Continue the Discussion and provide additional support or an alternative view of your colleague’s stance on communication strategies for the intended audiences. Be specific and provide examples.

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