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Week 5: Small Group Discussion

Research online and find a recent medical error that made the news. Answer the following questions.

  1. What happened in the incident?
  2. Who was involved?
  3. What were the ramifications for the patient and/or staff?
  4. Reflect on the incident and think about some causes and possible interventions that could have prevented the error.

iii. Uses relevant experience as examples 

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iv. Applies new knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of content 

b. Clarity of writing (5 points/25%) 

ii. Response mus be well organized. 

iii. Information is easy to read and understand. 

c. Ability to convey an informed opinion (5 points/25%)

 i. Provides current, scholarly evidence to support statements.

 ii. Identifies personal biases, setting them aside based on facts. 

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