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Nursing concepts create a framework for our practices both in the past and have guided us on how we should shape our practice for the future. This serves to us as the building blocks that has shaped us and allowed us to extend our practices to other areas inside and outside of the hospital walls. It is this precisely that has allowed the creation of this program like the one that we are in today to expand to the different types of advanced practice programs and roles. Using science primarily to guide or other types of theories in nursing, it also shows our progression because we have incorporated cultural, individualized care, and so into the care that we provide at the bedside. We have realized over time that we cant continue to be so rigid and prescriptive, which each case. We have learned that being flexible is a must and must customize the care delivery as needed.

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The middle range theory that I have the most interest in is the Health Promotion Model. I chose this one because I am currently creating an Ambulatory case management program here for my organization. The system focuses on this concept of health Promotion Model and shifting from disease treatment to disease prevention (McEwen, et al, 2019). I feel we can do better and work on admission prevention by Case Management with the patient and their families while they are out in the community. We do well is the case manage them while they are admitted to the hospital; however, patients often get lost and have difficulties navigating the city. Most members are not aware of their benefits and or what to leverage to get what they need to remain safe at home.

The conceptual concepts that pertain to the Health Promotion Model have many opportunities to make adjustments that the patients and family can benefit from. It is essential to involve the nurses in the process to improve our clinical outcomes and improve satisfaction (Veo, ). Also, it is vital to have the front line staff at the table as we develop the program to speak to the work that needs to be done. Realtime I will be creating data that will display patients that could have prevented a readmission, admission if they were managed by a case management team will look at home. There several tools that we can use to verify the status like what level of care the patient is admitted like InteQual and Cermes. We can tract the patients that are readmitted and perform chart review to identify opportunities that we could of secured to maintain the patient transition to home.


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