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Final Exam

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Questions for Fall 2020 Mod A

Format•Three essays (10 points each, Total points possible = 30)•For each essay, choose oneof the question promptsprovided(AorB).•Type or paste responses in Canvas text submission boxes.•Indicate which question you chose.•Use complete sentences.•Use as much space as you need,and only as much space as you need, to fully address the question prompt.(There is no word limit.Beconcise, simple, and direct.)Collaboration•You are encouraged to study together, exchangeideas,andhelp clarify each other’s understanding of the material and application via discussion. You maydiscuss your ideas and essaysverbally(via Zoom,phone, in person). Originality•The words you submit must be your own. When it istimeto communicate ideas by putting words together and forming sentences, it must be your original text.•You may notcopy someone’s writtenresponse,copy textfrom any source,edit or review someone’s writtenresponse, or provide or receive help drafting a writtenresponse.•In cases where you and another student submit similar responses, I reserve the right toask you to verbally explain your responseto metodemonstrate that you understandand can articulate what you submitted.

Essay 1 (10 points)

Choose one of the following.

A. Describe the Set-Up-to-Fail syndrome in your own words. Explain how it relates to relational leadership and employee self-efficacy. Explain what you can do as a leader to avoid falling into this syndrome with your followers.

B. Consider the Harvey Weinstein case and the #MeToo movement in Hollywood. Explain how sexual misconduct initiated by leaders relates to power and equity.

Essay 2 (10 points)

Choose one of the following.

A. Describe the behavior of someone you know personally who needs to improve at work, school, on your team, etc. (it can be yourself) and explain why. How can you use a growth mindset to help this person improve? Provide examples of growth minded feedback that you can give them to help them improve.

B. Explain how you can use influence tactics to influence someone to hire you for your dream job. Explain how you can use influence tactics to influence someone to accept an offer for a job for which you are the hiring manager. Use at least two tactics for each scenario.

Essay 3 (10 points)

Choose one of the following.

A. Which decision-making traps did you personally fall into during the decision making simulations this Mod (Carter Racing and Day Care Task Force) and why? Provide examples of at least two traps per case. What can you or organizations do to reduce falling into these decision-making traps?

C. Using an organizational behavior perspective, explain how COVID-19 affects employees and workplaces. Use two of the following concepts to support your response: motivation, leadership, rational decision making, decision making traps, power, influence. Clearly state which concepts you are using in your response.

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