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1.The Foundations of Public Policy: In your own words?

   2.How do you define public policy?

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   3. And what would you say is the role of government? 

As a reminder, you may post a written response or upload a video in which you discuss the assigned topic. (If you submit a written response, aim for about 250 words. If video, a couple of minutes should suffice.) Regardless of format, each of your discussion forum posts will be evaluated on these criteria:

  1. Demonstrate a thoughtful approach to the content, not just a summary.
  2. Cite research, class readings and supporting evidence to demonstrate your understanding and to share your reasoning with other participants.    
  3. Relate content to your own personal experiences, professional experiences or current events.
  4. Critically analyze the content, be grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errors. It counts in the real world, so it counts here, too.
  5. Make your initial posts early in the week giving others time to keep the discussion going.
  6. Responses need to extend discussions already taking place, or pose new possibilities or opinions – not merely reiterate previously stated comments.
  7. Demonstrate evidence of graduate-level thinking about the topics and professional interactions with other participants.

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