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This week you will be in a discussion group of three students. Each student will explain and teach the others how to solve one of the three problems below.  All three problems must be answered; decide among yourselves who will answer each question. You may present your lesson by typing your answer (although typing equations can be difficult), writing on a piece of paper then submitting a photo, or video taping yourself (please provide a link to your video because it is advised not to upload large files to Canvas). Feel free to ask each other for help. You are also required to comment on both of your group members’ posts

  1. The diameter of the insulin molecule is about 2.70 nm. Convert this length to centimeters.
  2. A Prius has a gas milage of 53 miles/gallon. How much will it cost to drive to Mammoth Lakes (547 km) when gasoline costs .11/gallon?
  3. How much will it cost to paint the walls of a room with the following dimensions: h=8.0 ft, l=20.0 ft, and w=15.0 ft? Approximately 172 square feet will require 1 gallon of paint. The paint you selected is $25.00 per gallon. (Ignore the space occupied by doors and windows)