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 Reply to Discussion (250-275 words) APA format, scholarly sources

      What are three of the health risks to those working in uranium mines or those living near uranium mines? In the documentary “Wake up” by David Bradbury 2011 he details the risks of uranium mines in Australia. These mines can cause radioactive dust particles that can breathed into the lungs by workers or people living nearby.  The U.S environmental protection agency 2019, states there are three prominent health risks to humans when this happens. First, acute radiation syndrome, also know as” radiation sickness “. This would more commonly happen to a mine worker with high levels of exposure which can lead to nausea and vomiting within hours and even death. Second, it causes a cancer risk if exposed to low levels of radiation perhaps inhaled from these toxic dust particles. Radiation exposure poses a higher risk of cancer. Last, sensitive populations, such as new borns or fetus exposed to radiation can cause cells to divide more rapidly in adults and lead to disease or birth defects.

            Do you believe nuclear energy is our best solution to reduce global warming? Please explain your thoughts and rationale. In the documentary “Wake up” by David Bradbury 2011 states that some believe uranium is a suitable replacement for fossil fuels leading to green house emissions. While this may be true the health risks are not worth the risk. Radiation from uranium is proven to cause to many health problems from cancer that get passed down because of fractured DNA, that could even skip a generation to cancer. A safer route such as solar and plant based replacements should be explored more thoroughly.

        Beyond potential radiation hazards, what additional emerging occupational hazards do you foresee, and what are the challenges they bring about? As stated in the beginning of David Bradbury’s documentary “Wake Up” 2011 of nuclear power plants have caused many disasters over the years such as Sallafield, UK, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and finally Fukashima Japan. These accidents create a severe occupational risk, not only to the workers but the whole regions around them causing earthquakes, tsunami’s. This proves that nuclear power pant explosions are bound to happen and are unpredictable, the next one could be more catastrophic than the others that were stated. As we learned from the history of these of events, its not if it will happen but when.


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