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OSHAS number 1 goal is to ensure as far as possible that every working person in the nation is safe and is in healthy working conditions, the challenge is to save lives prevent injuries and illness and overall protect the health of working Americans. However, some organizations have a negative perception regarding OSHA, In the event that there is a work place injury it important to prepare frontline workers on what they can expect during an OSHA visit, First, provide employees with refresher trainings for handling hazardous tasks, review all procedure for handling an OSHA check up, assign a representative to be in charge of he walk through with the inspector and making sure that all comments are considered on the record.: 

The 2 articles titled 10 things to understand about safety and The Mock Osha Inspection, bot seem to be aligned with their interpretation, monitoring and compliance. Safety effects everyone, therefore, staying in compliance with OSHA guidelines help protect the workers and the organization. Metrics are in place to ensure organization is remaining in the parameters of OSHA guidelines, some of those measures include; Identifying what percentage of identified hazards have been closed this month, How many assigned corrective actions are coming due or are overdue at your location and What percentage of corrective actions are being completed on time. Furthermore, some basic strategies that can be done to ensure positive changes are Observation- frequent observations of employees’ safety behaviors, required safety trainings and Developing a safety Culture where employees can share their suggestions on ways to make the workplace safer, this helps to evaluate past, present and future risks, which ultimately protects workers and business operations.  

OSHA is meant to assist & teach organizations how maintain safety compliance and it is reported by “The mock OSHA inspection: Practice makes perfect” although OSHA can show up to ones organization to conduct and inspection visit at any time, most likely if they do show up its due to a complaint, a serious physical injury and or death. Therefore, if safety officials in organizations work to ensure that their organizations are prepared for a possible OSHA inspection then that would ultimately enhance their workplace safety, for example, conducting mock inspections, “thinking like an inspector” making checklist on what places you will inspect, ensuring that all employees know their rights when it comes to OSHA inspectors, for example, making sure to confirm that the inspector is truly who they say they are, making them aware that they should have a representative present with them during an Osha inspection et, this will all help to prepare the organization for an OSHA visit at any given time. Furthermore, it is important for employees to understand what Safety professionals do, such as identifying risks, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, creating solutions and implementing systems, safety requires constant communication and trainings surrounding workplace safety, OSHAS role is important, when employees are able to understand the benefits of such regulations they will have a better and more positive perspective of OSHA. Employees truly need to understand that  OSHA is legally obligated to assist small businesses in complying with regulations and recommendations, OSHA offers free consultations and training to help small businesses recognize and correct workplace dangers before receiving violation citations (Norman2016) OSHA is dedicated to improving workplace safety since its inception in 1971 it has decreased workplace fatalities by 50% and occupational illness and injury has decreased by 40%. (Norman 2016). It is important to make sure your business is taking full advantage of all the help available to ensure a safe workplace and healthy workers, working with OSHA not only avoids violations and fines, it saves your business a number of costs in the long run.