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Please use the references provided. APA format no plagiarism . 20 pages

Using the current body of literature, define property rights, corruption, and economic progress, political systems, and their impact on global business. Discuss the point of each literature and how these issues interrelate and vary globally.

No Wikipedia, Blogs with ads from yahoo.com or google.com, as they present a biased opinion. Use all the assigned articles and please add at least three (3) PRJ articles to support your thoughts!

  • Neiman, P. (2013). A social contract for international business ethicsJournal of Business Ethics, 114(1), 75-90.
  • Chen, W. (2017). Do stronger intellectual property rights lead to more R&D-intensive imports? Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 26(7), 865–883.
  • Hassan, M., Nassar, R., & Whitherspoon, A. (2019). Impact of Internal Control over Financial Reporting under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on a Firm’s Stock Price and Stock Volatility. International Journal of Business, Accounting, & Finance, 13(1), 1–13.