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Step 1 – Geriatric Survey is attached and must be used! Home is located in Houston, TX

Step 2:

From the point of view of an older adult, use the information you gathered in step 1 to evaluate your neighborhood in terms of how adequately it will meet your present and anticipated future needs. Write a paper on this using APA format. You may use either sixth or seventh edition APA. This is an academic, APA paper from the view of an outside person. Avoid telling a story of yourself and your dog and that you are happy the sidewalk is flat. Avoid personal information about your family. Avoid material on older adults that does not apply to the community (half page on hypertension from the Mayo clinic does not belong, focus on the community and older adult. Your paper should be at least three pages double spaced not counting cover page or references. Students must use three current academic references (within the past five years) in addition to the references they use to document characteristics about their neighborhood. These references should concern characteristics and needs of older adults. Crime rates should be reported as incidents per 1000 or per 100,000 inhabitants. Crime rates should be reported using government sources. Facts that are not common knowledge should be supported with a citation. One of those references can be your textbook. 

All submissions will be checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected the student will receive a zero for this assignment and will be referred to the Office of Community Standards.

Geriatric Windshield Survey Table

Home Address: 15019 Benfer Rd, Houston, TX 77069

Business NameDistance from HomeServices AvailableComments
Walgreens2.5 milesPharmacyMedication Compounding, Medication DeliveryPrescriptions can be set to automatic refill for home delivery or pickup. Call pharmacy to refill meds if not on auto.
Kroger1.5 milesFresh groceriesDeliveryPickupKroger offers pickup and delivery by ordering online or using their mobile app.
Chase Bank1.4 milesPersonalBusinessChecking and savings can be managed in person or online.
Family Physicians of Texas3.1 milesPrimary Care PhysicianOffice is currently accepting new patients.
First Texas Hospital of Cy-fair3.9 milesHospitalHospital has an emergency room.
Prestigious Smiles Family Dentistry2.3 milesDentistOrthodonticsPrivately owned facility that offers preventative, maintenance, and cosmetic services.
Champion Forest Baptist Church1.3 milesChurchTransportation can be provided.
Hardy Senior Center15. 9 milesSenior CenterAerobicsCeramics / CraftsComputer RoomGardening ClassKnittingLine DancingMonthly TripsTable GamesTai-ChiWeight Training / RoomWii GamesYoga ClassZumbaServices offered to all local residents. There is a chance to regularly meet with other seniors in the area while engaging and physical and mental activities.
Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital2 milesVeterinarian
Petco2.8 milesPet supplies
Klein Volunteer Fire Department2.9 milesFireEMT
Harris County Constables Precinct 42 milesPolice
TransportationUberLyftTaxiMetroLiftMetroLift transportation can be arranged by calling your insurance company.
Other Local Services AvailableLawn ServiceLawn MowingHousekeepingThe local neighborhood app on the phone and on the computer lists services available in the community.
Houston Area Crime Rate is 52The Houston crime rate is 52, but no crime rate is listed for this area. The neighbors are friendly and helpful to one another. While Houston has a higher than average crime rate, the crime rate for this area is likely lower.


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