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Excerpt from the Introduction: 

1. The introduction starts with an anecdote (told by Plato) about Phaedrus going for a walk outside the city walls and running into Socrates. Nedra Reynolds uses this anecdote to make a few different points about the importance of place and space and the connections between place/space and memory/learning/writing. Pick at least one major idea from this section (that is, the first 1.5 pages of the document) and explain in your own words. At least 100 words. 

2. Pick any other idea from the introductionand try to make connections to the reading from Friday (“Composition’s Imagined Geographies”). Write at least 50 words. 

Excerpt from Ch. 4

3. Reynolds argues in this section that “Of all cultural locations, the street is perhaps the most contested, the most up for grabs, and the most provocative.” What do you think she means? Why does she talk so much about the street? Use examples from this section. 

4. According to Reynolds, many composition teachers want their students to go out into the streets to learn about their communities, encounter difference, and grow from these experiences — what is the danger of this approach? What must teachers be careful of? 

LINK TO READING: https://fiu.instructure.com/courses/77311/files/11904888/preview?verifier=zrfSlZww9Fm4aU8geuIJSZswNy5kdYTv3zKwm623