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This is a 2- part assignment

Part 1:

Write two initial reaction posts (one to each primary question prompt) each with a 100-word minimum. The post is listed below. Both initial reaction posts must be posted by Thursday. 

How do you intend to apply the concept of diversification to your personal growth?

A) Writing has to be Original/ use your own words

B) No less than 100 words each question


D) Answer the 2 questions within your discussion

Part 2:

You must read and respond to two other students’ initial reaction post (100-word minimum each). The two additional reaction posts (from 2 other students) will be added to this assignment on Thursday and response must be posted by Saturday.

Amanda Faith Rogers

Diversification is crucial in my role. With developmental outreach identifying new opportunities for the hospital’s growth is essential. The text points out several instances when a company should diversify. One being, when it spots  opportunities  for  expanding  into  industries  whose  technologies  and/or  products  complement its present business. Just this week I identified a product that was being done at a larger hospital that could be done at our facility. This product allows the physicians to do testing on site rather than having their patients travel to Knoxville. I was able to connect the device representative to gain more information on the product for our department manager.  The cost of entry for this product was virtually none. This is a great strategic fit because it allows our company to transfer   competitively   valuable   resources   and  capabilities  from  one  business  to  enhance  the  competitiveness  and  performance  of our business.

 Andrea Brooke Litz

I plan to apply the concept of diversification into my personal growth by looking at opportunities from all directions. If you want to be successful in life you must set yourself apart from others. How can you be different? What makes you better? With my current job I like to take things I know and grow from them. Our department started out with only 3 people, now we are up to around 23. We started from the bottom and looked for ways to set us apart. We wanted to grow and the only way to do that is to take what you know and expand it. Set yourself apart, so that people look at you and realize they need your skills and assets. I have tried for many years now to diversify myself. Knowledge is power, and in my personal growth I plan to continue to offer more for my company.