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Week 1 and 2 Discussions

Must post first.

Week 1

Discussion Objective: (CO1) Assess concepts typically associated with scientific research and literature.

Discussion Overview: In the study of emergency management theory, there are many definitions at issue. Before going further through the course, conduct research to clarify in your mind the definitions of several important scientific terms.

Discussion Research Requirements: Conduct research utilizing quality Internet sites, and provide working definitions for each scientific term below. Utilize academically legitimate sources such as dictionaries to develop your definitions. Explain the meaning, and describe how it would apply to the study of emergency management. Also, provide a discussion regarding which of the concepts are the most important to the study of emergency management. Give examples as needed to clarify your definitions.

Discussion Research Terms: Experiment; Expert Opinion; Fact; Hypothesis; Objective; Opinion; Subjective; Theory; and Thesis

Citations in APA 7th Edition. MUST include references and over 300 wordd.