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Very brief answers. Needed in 15 hours. 

Session 1. Safety Quiz (100 points)

Student Name: ________________________

Course Section:_____________

Watch the following safety videos:

1. Proper dress and personal protective equipment (PPE)-

2. Safety equipment/Lab safety- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiHEYtnKfF0&list=PL4qaj9envIYnBaQSPpcOMUqWiQUAgPoMq&index=2

3. Behavior-

4. Chemical hazards-

5. Safe chemical handling-

6. General lab hazards-

Answer the following questions (0.5 points each). Submit this worksheet with your signed Student Lab Safety Contract. The Safety Contract can be found at the end of the first week’s handout.

1. In what order should strong acids and water be mixed?

2. Should you smell chemicals?

3. Where should you handle toxic chemicals?

4. Why should you wash your hands before you leave the lab?

5. Should you wear safety goggles if you already wear prescription glasses? Explain.

6. Describe proper dress for lab.

7. What should be done with long hair while working in lab?

8. List three pieces of protective personal equipment (PPE) that must always be worn in the lab.

9. How should you behave in the lab?

10. Are food and/or drinks allowed in the lab? Explain

11. Mention three pieces of safety equipment in the lab

12. If anyone gets chemicals in their eyes, how long should they rinse their eyes?

13. What is the SDS or MSDS of a chemical?

14. State the meaning of the following symbols:

15. If you spill a small amount of chemical on your skin, what should you do?

16. If your clothing has suffered chemical or flame exposure, what should you do?

17. If a large chemical spill occurs, what should you do?

18. How should you handle broken glass and where should it be disposed?

19. Where should you dispose chemical waste?

20. Describe what is wrong in the following pictures: