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edu/~heathwoo/phil1200,Spr07/singer.pdf” target=”_blank”>http://spot.colorado.edu/~heathwoo/phil1200,Spr07/singer.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Read the entire article but pay close attention to the paragraph beginning, “The racist violates the principle of equality …” to the paragraph ending, ” … a minute fraction of the number preformed today.”

Explain only one of the arguments contained within these paragraphs and give a single counterargument against it. Foresee a possible objection to your argument and overcome it. Include an introductory paragraph and thesis statement. Title it, double-space it, 1″ margins and 12 point TNR font only. Two full pages minimum, three full pages maximum.

Along with your paper detailed above, you must also turn in an outline of your argument in the simple format detailed in class. Make sure that your outlined argument matches (but obviously has less detail) the argument you give in your longer assignment.