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IF you think about it, there are really only three major ways to construct sentences in ENGLISH.

Check out the following examples:

  1. Simple—Markus owns a poisonous cobra.  
  2. Compound—Markus owns a poisonous cobra, but Susan has a pet mongoose.
  3. Complex—Although Markus owns a poisonous cobra, Susan has a pet mongoose. o

With these three major sentence structures in mind, write two paragraphs describing a favorite pet, person, movie, or vacation spot—being sure to implement all three of the major ways to construct sentences.  Shoot for a total of 250 words. 

Be sure to make your ideas “flow” by changing things up: Begin by creating a simple sentence construction; then, try following it with a compound sentence, followed by a complex sentence, and so on.  Be sure to carefully proofread your submissions for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.  Then, use a quote from a secondary source (an article) that you find on the Bethel Library’s Databases.  With this article in mind, you will hear me say this often: USE THE S.Q.P. FORMAT WHEN QUOTING FROM A SOURCE, like this: 

Clayton (1999) stated, “Visionary Walt Disney put Orlando on the map with the Magic Kingdom in 1971. That single act transformed this once-quiet agricultural community with its miles of orange groves. Since becoming host to Walt’s cartoon mouse Mickey, the city has mushroomed into a global playground. It now has 93,000 hotel rooms where roughly 35 million people flock annually to the region’s 13 major theme parks and scores of other attractions” (para. 3).    


  • Before you may view other peers’ posts, you will first need to post your initial response to the discussion prompt/question.
  • Each week’s initial post MUST CONTAIN AT LEAST two scholarly source, i.e. an article from the library’s databases that you have consulted.  DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS CRUCIAL INGREDIENT OF YOUR RESPONSE!
  • Shoot for a total of 250 words for each week’s initial response.
  • While you are welcome to consult the course textbook and even cite from it, THE COURSE TEXTBOOK DOES NOT FULFILL THE ACADEMIC SOURCES REQUIREMENT (1 scholarly article from the Bethel Library databases)

PS.  For this course, you will be choosing a topic and creating a research paper that will be due Week 5. What topic are you interested in exploring further? What is your working thesis?  Think about these questions as you move toward next week’s Complete Assignment. 

Clayton, M. (1999, May 25). In search of a thrill in Orlando. Christian Science Monitor. p. 11.