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Marketing Mix – Using the skills gained in Chapter 5, properly assign the selected sport product or service to a respective segment of the sport market. Please provide an explanation of at least 150-words on why the topic fits into the recommended market segment. 

I have included the paper from last week’s assignment as a reference point.  Thanks.



Marketing Plan: Sport Market Segmentation

Chet L. Walker

Liberty University

SMGT 502 – Sport Marketing & Public Relations

6 September 2020

Marketing Plan: Sports Market Segmentation

Online Marketing of Professional Clubs: Engaging Fans on a New Playing Field

Today, online marketing is regarded as one of the most sought-after ways of promoting products in sports, business, and other essential areas. Since most sports activities have turned out to be considerable business opportunities, professional clubs have turned out to focus on promoting their numerous activities in the sports industry. Ioakimidis (2010) provides an in-depth evaluation of the online marketing process involving professional clubs and their desire to engage fans in new areas of sport. Online marketing can be one of the most desirable methods of promotion that can guarantee the success of a club’s sports marketing campaign. For this reason, I chose this topic for the sports marketing plan because it is relevant and has been considered by most firms in the industry of sports. Additionally, as the world progresses to a digital environment, online marketing in sports will be prosperous.

Additionally, I chose this topic because online marketing gives sports promoters the chance to measure the influence that channels have on visitors and the interactions of these visitors on a website and other new media platforms. The success of a marketing campaign depends on the interactions that this campaign has when it comes to the target market. The target audience or the professional club promotion is the fans of the clubs and other fans in the sport. There are millions of fans that love sports and commit to a single professional club. Thus, this makes it easier to reach the fans as the target market. Additionally, online marketing is efficient because most sports fans are found on social media and other websites, which makes it even easier to promote professional clubs among fans. Thus, online marketing for professional clubs is the topic that can best provide the interconnection between sports marketing and online platforms used in marketing.


Ioakimidis, M. (2010). Online marketing of professional sports clubs: Engaging fans on a new playing field. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship11(4). Retrieved from https://web.b.ebscohost.com/abstract?direct=true&profile=ehost&scope=site&authtype=crawler&jrnl=14646668&AN=52982219&h=YQCQfdVnP