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The Assignment

You will explore the idea of integrating sensory play into the curriculum.  For this assignment you will choose an age appropriate topic and integrate that topic into all areas of sensory development.  (Your topic should NOT be the five senses. The topic should be something interesting the children are discussing, learning about in class: examples would be apples, bees, snow, etc. You will address the five senses with your chosen topic.

Part One: The topic and activities should be completed on a planning web.  I have attached one that I quickly made but there are plenty of blank ones that you can find on line also.  You should not use one that is already completed- use a blank one and map out your curriculum in the five areas. 

Part 2: In addition to your graphic organizer, you should have a summary write up that discusses each activity in detail. Included should be:

*a minimum of one activity for each of the five senses that relate to your chosen topic.  For each activity, you should include details describing your activity (minimum of 5 complete sentences)  Things to note:  if you choose to play a song or read a book- simply stating you will do that is not adequate.  You must list the song, what you will do with the song, what children will learn from listening to the song, etc.  

Grading Criteria

Information is incorporated into a planning web (20 points)

A curriculum planning web including an appropriate topic is included (10 points)

A curriculum planning web including a minimum of one activity for each of the five sense   (20 points)

An implementation paragraph that discusses each of the 5 activities in detail should be included   (50 points)

Points are deducted for errors in grammar, spelling and readability.  


Our text has an example on page 234 .  Sample:  Sample Web.docx Sample Web.docx – Alternative Formats

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