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Module 2 Questions for Self-Study

Alterations in Host Defense


Outline each of the 3 lines of immune defense in the human body

Differentiate between innate and adaptive immunity

Describe the difference between humoral and cell-mediated immunity


1. Describe the components of the inflammatory response

1. What is the underlying physiology of the cardinal signs of inflammation?

1. Outline the roles that phagocytes and mast cells have in the inflammatory response

1. Summarize the role of the complement proteins in during inflammation

1. Outline the role of cellular mediators in inflammation and fever

Disorders of Host Defense

1. Differentiate between the different characteristics and types and of hypersensitivity reactions—give examples of each disorder

1. Describe the possible theories regarding the causes of autoimmune disorders

1. Discuss the pathophysiology of SLE

1. Outline the common clinical presentation/features of SLE

1. Compare the direct and indirect pathway of acute transplant rejection

1. Describe the clinical stages of the infective process

1. Differentiate among secretory, inflammatory, and hemorrhagic diarrhea