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495L-A Rotations Week 1

Due date 09/09/2020


Complete your Week 1 required discussion prompt.

· Describe your current knowledge of public health nursing and provide specific examples of public health activities in your community.

Each week you will be expected to provide the following information to your community practice instructor through your journal entries:

Week 1 Topic: Diabetes Control

1. What are your upcoming week’s specific learning goals and objectives?

Diabetes prevention, control, and management. A1C labs, medication compliance and the importance of a healthy diet.

2. What is your upcoming week’s detailed schedule at your community practice experience placement?

Scheduled will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

3. Were there any placement items/issues that occurred this week that you feel your instructor should be aware of that are private in nature and are more appropriately shared here than in the discussion board with your classmates?

4. Give a brief description of an objective you worked on this week. Make sure to cite at least one reference showing how your objective relates to the public health knowledge you’ve studied during this course or the public health course. You may choose to reference your e-text, journal articles, or videos you’ve studied during these courses or you may find an outside reference on your own to further enhance your public health knowledge and practices.

Remember, your journal entries are an important aspect of clinical learning as they serve to help you reflect upon and get the most out of your community practice experience. Therefore, your journal entry should include the who, what, where, and when of your community practice experience. Remember, this should simulate a dialogue that would normally take place face-to-face with your community practice experience instructor.

Running Head: JOURNAL 1


Journal week 5Example`Journal1- The specific learning goals for the week were to refine my skills in nursing advocacy and ensure that I am the voice of the patients that I handle. I believe that advocacy is an important aspect of nursing because it helps patients to navigate the complex healthcare system and achieve positive health outcomes. I plan to achieve this goal by ensuring maximum patient safety at all times, giving vulnerable patients a voice, educating patients where needed, protecting the different rights those patients have such as the right to informed consent, and always double-check to ensure that there are no medical errors.2- This detailed schedule for the week was to participate in two days in my practice, 3 hours each day. This week I was able to learn a lot and I was able to achieve most of my goals for the week. Next week I hope to stay in the practice for longer and to learn and achieve more.3- There were no major placement issues at my practice this week. I thank God that my supervisor is very patient with me through my learning process and always corrects me and guides me on what to do. Those that accept the responsibility of preceptorship should be rewarded for their willingness to devote time, share knowledge and skills.4- The objective that I worked on this week was refining my skills in working with telemedicine. With the help of my preceptor, I was able to adapt to telemedicine and make use of available technology to improve patient outcomes. I made sure not to violate any HIPAA regulations in the process.This week I had the opportunity to educate a patient with Hypertension, explaining the importance of keeping blood pressure down to prevent a stroke by being disciplined with diet and medications.We also reviewed some labs results and the care and conduct to be followed with eachpatient.REFERENCESHollander, J. E., & Carr, B. G. (2020). Virtually perfect? Telemedicine for COVID-19. New England Journal of Medicine, 382(18), 1679-1681.