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                U.S History, Volume.1 Openstax/Free on-line.lumen learning

This is the link to the assignment (https://openstax.org/books/us-history/pages/1-1-the americas) CHAPTER 2

Each response must be in formal essay form with introduction; developed paragraphs and conclusions. I am expecting each of you to demonstrate your understanding of the English language and to make your responses clear, concise and easy to follow. No short-cuts, abbreviations, or other obstructions from formal English!! This applies to all responses from this point forward!! Use the example I provide under Files for guidance!!

Please send one file only with responses to all questions; no multiple submissions!!  When I click your name on the tab your responses to the entire assignment should be on it.  No exceptions. 

Question #1:
1.  Discuss the nine most important items covered in the chapter. Be sure to explain the importance of each of the items.  Provide an Introduction or other road map for your reader to follow your presentation..  Your nine should demonstrate that you read the entire chapter!!

Question #2:

a. Which event reminds you the most of an event in your life-time? One or two paragraphs.

Question #3:

a.  When Europeans began uprooting and immigrating to this part of the world during the 1600s, was it a settlement or an invasion? Explain your reasoning. [A short paragraph will suffice].