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Professor Message:

I hope that you all have chosen your respective articles on “Globalization.” I wanted to make clear (in case there is some lack of clarity) that this is an individual assignment. Each one of you will have a separate article presentation (write-up and video for class). I established this group only for administration purposes so I would have to include those who were not presenting tomorrow. This will also give you a chance to raise questions. 

This topic of globalization is wide and varied so you may consider narrowing down your search to something you enjoy. As far as the sample video, I have had questions about software. I use a variety of tools, but Camtasia is the main tool. You don’t have to do a professional grade video, but you can use online tools that will allow you the ability to edit, cut out mistakes, glitches, and maybe an opening slide and an ending slide. There are probably tools on your laptop. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but should be effective and look polished. Attire is business casual (minimum).

MAN 4653-Section Number Your Name (Last name, First name)

Global Business (Dr. Daaim Shabazz)

Time of Class

Due Date

Global Business Journal

Author’s Last name, First name, “Title of Article,” Name of Source, date, page(s).

This is the basic format of the hand-in assignments. The write-up should include the citation

(above) and should be double-spaced in a readable font. Full justification is preferred since this is the

way we read most of the text presented in books, magazines, newspapers and other printed matter.

Include the article after the summary (important!) and fasten it with a stapler. Do not fold, tear, or use

paper clips.

The business journal is designed to build a bridge between classroom discussions and real-life

cases. The journal will be ONE article (physical or online) and shall pertain to the topic given and shall

be summarized in a way to capture its essence. You are not to just outline the article. Please have two

sections in your write-up… a “SUMMARY” and then “ANALYSIS.” I want to get your insight on the

subject since simply outlining an article is not edifying.

Written Analysis

When reading articles, read with a critical eye and provide your own analysis. Do not believe

that because someone writes an article in a prestigious newspaper or magazine that you have to agree

with it. You may very well agree but provide some insight. Some of these journalists may not have any

training in business. Critical analysis will help your thinking ability and keeps you abreast of current

events in the international environment. The idea is to expose you to a variety of different sources that

explain the relevant issues pertaining to the dynamics of the international sector. For Global Business,

your articles will be on selected topics.

Your selected article can be short but should have substantial content. Do not choose a 10-

page journal article. The summary of your article should be concise amounting to no less than a full

page and not more than a couple of pages. Your article will be worth twenty points. The rubric will

measure CONTENT of the article, quality of your written PRESENTATION, depth of your ANALYSIS, and

of course your GRAMMAR. These four criteria will of course be five points.

If you have an excuse for your assigned day, I must know beforehand so I can reschedule your

presentation. Do not try to slip hardcopy assignment under my office door! Promptness counts so

keep pace.

Oral Presentation

As part of our Learning Assurance, we must evaluate oral presentation skills. While these are

normally done in front of the class, but this semester, each presenter will do a five-minute video

presentation. This semester we will have anywhere from 6-12 articles presented in class. You can use

your laptop webcam, or you can us your cell phone with a tripod. Make sure you have a suitable

background. You can edit your video using any special effects (opening credit) and adding of other

content. It is best to deliver your presentation standing to project a professional image. Choose the

setting that will convey the best image

Attire is business casual. No jeans, t-shirts, caps, do-rags, hats, athletic apparel or house clothes

please. Religious or cultural head wraps are allowed. Speak clearly and position camera such that you

are looking into the lens instead of up or down. Project your voice. Cue cards are allowed, but it is

probably best to have a script outline sitting somewhere near the camera so your hands are free to

gesture and add emphasis.

Submission Instructions

You will send the article link so that I can make the article available to class. The presentation

criteria will be based on VISUAL (i.e., voice, posture, appearance), ORAL PRESENTATION (i.e., clarity,

grammar, time), CONTENT KNOWLEDGE (i.e., authority, enthusiasm, terminology). Each criterion will

be based on a scale of 0-10, but a rubric will be provided. The oral presentation will be worth 30 points

and with the written part, will amount to 50 points total.

Here are the guidelines…

1. prepare your written assignment following the format of this document and upload your

assignment via Canvas, before midnight the previous night.

2. prepare your video assignment following the above guidelines and upload your assignment via

Canvas, before midnight the previous night.

3. on your assigned date, your videos will be played for the class

4. time permitting, there will be a chance to take one question