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Share at least one resource and offer one or more suggestions for online resources. Use the course resources to analyze the situation you experienced. Provide a citation to course resources that you used. Post your discussion and response using the recommended template.  Use APA  style publication manual in citing all resources, sixth edition is recommended. Respond to the posts of at least one other learners. Cite evidence from research and other sources.  For these discussion, you will place yourself in the role of a beginning researcher, and write discussion of approximately 500 words about the material read from the resources provided (text book and Journals) and address discussion questions in this unit, articulating your understand of the topic in the discussion. Your writing will need to be focused, organized, and concise.  Please address each discussion question in each unit…. and respond to one learner.
As you are working through the units you are encouraged to share additional resources that you have found. Resources could be articles, internet resources or text book. This discussion is organized by units. Be sure to choose the correct thread under which to post your resource.
This is a research method course, proper citations, references and etc are required or points will be deducted…..APA publication manual Sixth edition will help you.
U2a3 Bias in Qualitative Research
One of the major issues of qualitative research is the need to guard against the potential bias of the researcher during data collection and analysis. Bias in qualitative research affects the validity and reliability of findings and consequently affects decisions. As we saw in the research article you read, the researcher’s bias may also be seen in poorly written qualitative research questions. In the study of the topic you selected:
What personal biases do you have about the topic?
How will you guard against these in your data collection?