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Instructions for Answer to 2 Discussion Question

1- After Each DQ (question), write down references

2- 300 minimum words for every DQ, you can go up to 700 words but answer should be complete.

3- 2-3 references for each question

4- References should be within 5 years

5- I am in acute care nurse practitioner program.

6- The response to the DQ is expected to be a minimum of 300 words. A minimum of two resources are expected. These need to be appropriate for a clinical professional to guide decisions about patient care. If a textbook is used for one of these responses, the other needs to be journal or professional-level website. The references need to be correctly formatted, as do the citations for those references.  “ Question words” don’t count towards 300 minimum count”

Question 1

Select a chronic disease process from the endocrine system and apply complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to the disease. Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the intervention. Indicate any contraindications with the intervention and potential positive and negative effects on any disease processes.

Question 2

Identify one complementary and one traditional medication that cannot be prescribed together related to endocrine system functionality. What are the effects of the interactions of these medications?