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This is a group project and has 3 parts to it. My part would need to explain from the cognitive ergonomics aspect for a food delivery application platform. There will be screenshots provided for the delivery application and you have to asses the application from the cognitive ergonomics aspect. I will provide you the link of the screenshot and you will have to explain .

SST 102 Human Factors & System Design

Group-Based Assignment 01

Name : Wallen Wee

PI No : B1870943

Name : Tan Shuyi Carene

PI No : Y1680990

Name : Shannon Sim Jun Hao

PI No : B2011376

Submission Date : Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 2355

For this GBA, we have chosen to select the Food delivery app also known as FoodPanda. In this report we will begin to discuss the flow of tasks in the app, identify the good design features and explain any shortcomings of the app. we would propose human factor changes and discuss any enhancements that we would make.

Human Computer Interaction And Usability Principles (Wallen)

Display page

In our assessment of Human Computer Interaction, We would like to proceed to the Food panda app to purchase a food item for delivery. The display page indicates all the available selection which can be made. The software design and functionality simply replaces the need for an actual physical human required to make a purchasing transaction which a computer can make instead.

The User Interface (UI) of the Food panda system uses a simple welcome page which provides a clear agenda to “DELIVERY”,”PICK-UP”,”SHOPS”.”FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE”. The icons of different on-going promotions are located in the middle below the main navigation function with sufficient margins between then. Upon navigation it is very user-friendly as it sticks to mild colour contracts such as white and pink making it easily distinguishable with letters to a specific font and colour. Also, the default white as the background which aims for simplicity ensuring usability is key.

Second display

On the second display users are given the option to choose all the available deliveries this app has to offer listed below. There is a match between the system and the real world as scrolling up means upwards motion and scrolling down means downward motion. Users can then scroll down the page of available food deliveries listed with the approximate time taken for the food to be delivered to them. Reducing the load on memory is critical for intermitten users hence there are icons of the food which can be selected from the menu.

Third display

Users that do not know what food item to choose from the list may select the item from the menu list in the third display for example “Stuff’d”. it then provides all the details associated with the food item selected in the fourth display.the learnability of this user interface is easy to use just by selecting the available options which can be learned quickly and effectively.

Fourth Display

In the fourth display they may select the standard option of “chicken daily bowl” from further down the list.

Selection of food choice

There is the option to customize it which allows the efficiency of choice simply by ticking or unticking the boxes highlighted in purple. Also the efficiency of the machine allows people to calculate the cost of the food item instantaneously with ease with the added customizations.this allows a high level of productivity to be possible and also the ability to accomplish the job with minimum expenditure of time and effort by not manually calculating the cost of the food items individually Click “add to cart” to save the selection of the item before proceeding to payment for the order

Selection of food choice(cont’)

Selection of food choice(cont’)

Selected food choice

Upon selecting the choice of food it is then highlighted in the pink tip on the right above the selected food tiem. It is also recorded in the cart for ease of reference of the list of food which is going to be ordered.

There is also the back arrow which allows user control and freedom to navigate the selection of food choices.

Food item #1

Users are given the selection to choose their choices of food before making the delivery. This shows the list of food items they are ordering and the cost of it. The steps are easily separated into different categories to provide a clear mapping of all the food items in a list of their order. The selection provides memorability for the user in the event the user returns to the app to re purchase it they may simply click on their history of food items to re-order without having to learn everything all over again. The concept of memorability applies as it can be done for any food item which is available to be delivered in the app.

Error Message

Error messages are constructive and specific. Upon entering a wrong mobile number a dialogue box is shown to inform the user. Upon returning to the input page the invalid text still remains in the field and users can easily identify the incorrect number without the need to key in the entire text in the field. This system has a low rate of error hence the users can make fewer errors or can easily recover from that error allowing a user-friendly satisfaction

The “mobile number” lights up red and wont proceed if an invalid alphabet is inputted instead of a numerical digit. This allows freedom from error and the capability of the user to recover from the error by re-inputting the numerical digit.

Payment method

User can proceed with choice of payment methods.

Confirming location

It then proceeds to confirm the location of which the food item is to be delivered to.

Summary of purchase

This makes the usability of the app more user friendly as it gives the user a summarised view of the intended purchase. There is consistency and standard as following most order receipt purchases this shows the summary of purchase of the selected food items similarly.

Confirmation of order

This shows what is happening to the order that has been placed. The system shows that the order has been confirmed and proceeding to be delivered.

live delivery update

This makes the invisible parts and processes visible by stating the estimated time of delivery numerically so that the user will be able to know when the food item will be delivered. There is also visibility of system status which always keep users informed about what is going on with the delivery with the loading bar and the timer.

Order received

This meets the user experienced goals and the user satisfaction upon using the user-friendly app/ As the end goal is achieved upon completion of the order and hence there is emotional fulfilment in receiving the food purchased via the app.

Search bar

For novice of first timer users, there is a menu icon on the top bar which allows the user to focus on ease of learning by inputting the desired food item they wish to select. Also it is low reliance on memory as there is a list of searchable food items matching the item they wished to select.

App notification

This provides an accelerator that allows more experienced users to be notified that the food delivery is reaching its destination allowing more experienced users to claim the food delivery item with just a notification.

Help page

Help page (cont’)

This help page uses plain language to describe the nature of the problem and suggests a way of resolving it by using the following options which can be highlighted to best explain the problem the user is facing to diagnose and recover from the errors.

Navigation panel

This makes labels visible to navigate so that users do not get lost if they can see where they are by looking at clues given on current page which provides recognition rather than recall

User Satisfaction

User Satisfaction(cont’)

The feedback from the app allows the rating scale for satisfaction from the user for the delivered food product. It also allows the user to provide feedback on the delivery time or express frustration or dissatisfaction if any.

Usability metrics effectiveness

The reviews allows the food panda app to track based on the review ratings how many successful deliveries were made with satisfactory or unsatisfactory food products. It simply shows the ratio of success to failures based on the ratings of the reviews.

—- End of HCI and Usability and entire process of tasks —-

Below images are not used for my part i think u guys might need for your part hence i didnt delete any images.