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Reflect on your Week 1 Apply assignment, Business Plan Outline. This is your “big” idea that could make you the next Bill Gates. Your idea sounds good and looks great on paper. Now it’s time to determine if this idea is feasible. Remember, it’s better to identify challenges early than to put time and effort into a business that is destined to fail. Regardless of the outcome, you will now have the knowledge and skills to begin a business plan and determine if the idea will work.

Review Sections 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, and 4.7 of Ch. 4.

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Develop a 12- to 15-slide, approximately 10-minute business action plan presentation.

No Speaker Notes necessary.

Make the presentation to the virtual class.

Base your slides on the following bullets:

  • Identify your business idea and your product or service. Include details about your product or service and the customer experience that you want to provide for your customers.
  • Choose your industry. Briefly, identify market size and trends, strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and your customers and their needs.
  • Identify your perceived competitive advantages, including any unique benefits, and any limitations of your product or service.
  • Identify funding needs. Determine why funding is needed and which sources of funding to consider. Consider self-funding, borrowing, equity, venture capital, etc.
  • Determine the feasibility of your business idea. Identify if you need more information to determine feasibility and what additional resources and support you need, such as help from attorneys, accountants, and other business advisers.
  • Develop a timeline for your business and business planning. Include major tasks or milestones that must be accomplished. Assume that you determined your business idea is feasible for the purposes of this step in the assignment.

Remember to include a Cover Slide and a Reference Slide.

Business Plan Outline

MGT/401 v5

Business Plan Outline

MGT/401 v5

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Melissa Granary Store Business Plan Outline

Damascus Johnson

Table of content

1. Executive summary

2. The company, product/service, and industry

a. Company description

i. Vision statement

ii. Company background

b. Product/service and industry

i. Product/service description and value proposition

ii. Industry description

3. The market

a. Market and target customer

b. Competition and competitive advantage

c. Marketing strategy

i. Overall strategy

ii. Sales plan

iii. Competitive plan

iv. R&D/growth plan or next steps

4. The organization

a. Legal and organizational structures and IP and locations

b. Key personnel

c. Key partners, advisers, and related service providers

d. Key activities and operations

5. Financial summary: sales, profits, “the ask and deal”

6. The appendixes

a. Financial statements

b. Supports: owner biographies

1. Executive summary

The Melissa Granary Store (MGS) is a small business that offers natural cereals and cooking flour to locals within Los Angeles, California. With increasing need of healthy food products due to increasing lifestyle diseases, the business is committed at making natural healthy food products accessible to the people in the cleanest and convenient way possible. The business also focuses on the quality of the products to ensure that the health of the consumers is not compromised in any way. The business is committed at making sure that the healthy cereals and flours that the people need to boost their health and others to reduce excess weight is made available and more so at a friendly price.

2. The company

2a. Company description

Melissa Granary Store is a sole entrepreneur business that specializes in the selling of all types of cereals and nutritious flours to locals within Los Angeles. Currently the business has six employees who serve clients at the store. The owner who owns all the shares plays the leadership role.

i. Vision statement

To contribute to the creation of a healthy city, state, and country that is free of lifestyle diseases

ii. Company background

Melissa Granary Store was established by Mrs. Lucia Jelly who has been a nutritionist for a long time and passionate about the lifestyle diseases that have been on the rise not only in California but the entire US and the world at large. With her nutritionist knowledge, Mrs. Lucia established the business after realizing that many people within her city desire to live a healthy lifestyle but they are not sure of the correct products to consume. Mrs. Lucia was hence inspired to not only offer her nutritionist advice to the people but also be in a business where she can practically demonstrate to the people the best products to consume and how to prepare them for best results.

2b. Product/service and industry

Product/service description and value proposition

The business to only specialize in all types of cereal grains both on retail and wholesale as well as flours obtained from the various cereals. The products are of high value because they are meant to promote and maintain health in the most effective, affordable, and natural way possible and a manner that

Industry description

The dry grains/cereals industry is an important sector that has a relatively high number of investors that have established in the industry. The industry can be ranked as averagely competitive but it is also a highly profitable industry especially when one is able to explain to the consumers how different cereals are prepared and why they are important.

3. The market

3a. Market and target customer

Melissa Granary Store targets people within Los Angeles and the primary target market being people from the ages of 30 and above and the secondary target market being 20 years -29 years. In this case, the children are under the protection and care of their parents who are normally between the ages of 22 and above. The products are suitable for all people irrespective of their race, tradition, culture, gender, and age.

3b. Competition and competitive advantage

The grain and cereals industry is moderately competitive but the good thing is that the business has a number of competitive advantages that would help it to occupy a good position in the market. First, the owner has ample knowledge about nutrition and the best cereals and flour mixes that would help in attaining the best health results. The business is strategically located in a busy street in Los Angeles and the employees have been taught about quality consumer service. The investor also has a reliable amount of money that would be useful in making sure that all types of products are available at the store. There is also ample connection on how to access the products at all times.

3c. Marketing strategy

· Overall strategy

To reach out to people through physical stores selling and also making home deliveries and making sure that marketing is done using different channels available for instance social media, broadcasting, and bill boards.

· Sales plan

Services to be offered from 8:00am to 8:00 pm

· Competitive plan

High quality products at affordable prices

· R&D/growth plan or next steps

Establish in other strategic locations with time to reach out to more consumers across California.

4. The organization

4a. Legal and organizational structures and IP and locations

The business has a simple structure of the owner and six employees

4b. Key personnel

Mrs. Lucia Jelly

4c. Key partners, advisers, and related service providers


4d. Key activities and operations

Selling and supplying cereals and flours

5. Financial summary:

Mrs. Lucia to make use her savings to establish the business and profits would be obtained after sales are done. This is to mean that buying price of the products would be added extra money as profit

6. The appendixes


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Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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