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Write an approximately 1-page paper in which you:

  • Identify your PhD focus area (i.e., public health policy, health care administration, leadership, education, or interdisciplinary).
  • Describe the phenomenon you have selected. Be as specific as possible in naming the population and other aspects of this phenomenon that are relevant to your investigation.
  • Explain why you have selected this phenomenon.




Educating Nurses Regarding Prevention of Same Day Surgical Cancellations

Jessica Nash RN MSN

Walden University

June 10, 2018

Educating Nurses Regarding Prevention of Day of Surgery Cancellations

Inpatient day of surgery (DOS) cancellations are a major and long-standing problem for many healthcare organizations across the world. They represent a significant loss of revenue and wasted resources, and have significant social, psychological, and financial implications for patients and their families (Dimitriadis, Iyer, and Evgeniou, 2013). Many of these cancellations are avoidable and are related to the hospital itself (Kaddoum, Fadlallah, Hitti, EL-Jardali, and El Eid, 2016). The study proposed by this author will identify the avoidable cancellations of surgical procedures in the facility where she works, which she believes will reveal incomplete preparation of patients for their surgical procedure by their assigned floor nurse as one of the leading causes of DOS cancellations.

As an operating room (OR) nurse this author chose this phenomena due to the frustration experience from continually having to waste resources and time when a procedure is cancelled. When enough procedures are cancelled, OR staff are sent home resulting in a loss of hours, materials are wasted causing a loss in revenue, and patients are frustrated due to having to wait around all day without being able to eat or drink only to find out their procedure is cancelled due to an issue that could have been avoided. With a PhD focus of Nursing Education, this author proposes that through the education of nursing staff, regarding how to properly prepare patients for surgical procedures, the rate of cancellations can be decreased. This would subsequently result in an increased profit margin, improved patient satisfaction scores, and more efficient utilization of staff and resources.


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