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Designing a network involves data, voice, and power considerations. Creating a well-integrated social relationship platform involves interoperability with other technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM). Assume you are designing a network infrastructure for Verbania. The company requires an efficient network that carries data, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Power over Ethernet (PoE). It also requires the effective use of a CRM system to pull customers’ social media data for review and analysis to improve the user experience and generate profits. The networking solution and illustration must support these new requirements. The free edraw application at https://www.edrawsoft.com/download.html can be used to prepare the network illustration.

Part 1 Capstone Project

This part of the assignment is to contribute to the Capstone project and also to show the instructor that progress is being made on the Capstone project with regard to the intended network architecture and design needed to support the new requirements for the Social Media solution. Part 1 will illustrate the network architecture design.

  • Each member must provide 1 of the following components, and submit this for grading to the Individual area, and the group area for inclusion into the overall group project. Provide a detailed network diagram depicting the intended network architecture or deployment diagram with the following required components: 
  • Choose only one of the four:
    • 2 Firewall DMZ
    • Switch devices
    • Load balancing devices
    • Firewall devices
  • Ensure the diagram showing the intended network architecture additionally identifies the network segments (physical or logical), the intended LAN/WAN solution, and the associated backbone all needed to support the system implementation and remote access solution.