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The discussion boards will also require significant outside journal article reading.  You will complete the assigned weekly readings and post a 500-word thread answering the Discussion Board question based upon assigned from the readings. Each post must include three unique, relevant scholarly references and one scriptural reference. The thread must be submitted in the Discussion Board Forum’s textbox as well as a properly formatted, current APA Word document.

You will post a 250-word reply to 2 classmate’s threads. The reply requires a minimum of 1 properly formatted citation. Each reply must be completed by you, the individual student. Additionally, each thread and reply must reflect a solid Christian worldview through the use of at least 1 Holy Bible reference.

To date we have looked at Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge through Practice Two – Inspired a Shared Vision.  We have also reflected upon Transformational Leadership, the Path-Goal Theory, and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX).  Reflect upon the organization where you work or an organization you have worked in the past.  Describe evidences of where you have seen Kouzes and Posner’s Practice One or Two being carried out or where you have seen Path-Goal Theory or Leader-Member Exchange being carried out.  You may take the opposite approach, if you wish, by highlighting a time when the application of one of the practices or theories above would have been good for the organization but the leader failed to recognize the opportunity.  You may use a pseudonym for the organization name and the person(s) you will mention in this post.

Remember you must still use scholarly references and a biblical worldview for this post. Think of how you will carry this out.  Because of the 500-word original post requirement, this may limit your depth on some points.  If you wish to go over your word limit please negotiate this with your professor.  Be sure to review the discussion board instructions and discussion board rubric.