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  1. Papers should be based upon a current scholarly journal or professional trade magazine article relating to your team’s project. Newspapers and news magazines are not acceptable. Make sure to search the most accurate, most unbiased most comprehensive and most current information possible 2019-2020. 
  2. Paper should be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font size 12. 
  3. After reading the article, summarize it in your own words. Explain the impact it may have on the industry and society. What are the important facts being presented? What argument is being put forth? Why is this important to the industry
  4. MLA style
  5. One citation 
  6. 250 to 300 words

Informative Abstract Rubric Evaluator Name:

Writer Name:


Excellent (10-12)

Fair (8-10)

Deficient (8 or below)

Professional Writing

Writing appropriate for the profession; Defines all acronyms at first use; appropriate verb tense (active voice)

Appropriate MLA citations are included.

Few grammatical errors or typos; Mixed verb tense; may use slang, jargon or idioms.

Citation for original research/ article is given, but in the wrong format.

Many grammatical errors or typos; Passive verb tense; uses slang, jargon or idioms.

No citation included

Introductory Statement

Clear, concise, engaging; Describes, connects the topic to literature and purpose of work

Clear, but not engaging; Statement literature Attempts to connect to literature

Unclear; Doesn’t connect to literature


Clear, connected to the purpose of scholarship; Provides explanation of what was expected, discovered, accomplished, collected, or produced; concise and relevant

Attempts to present findings but may be unclear; some information missing or may contain irrelevant or unimportant information; lacks specifics

Unclear; not related to the purpose of the scholarship; or misinterpretation of results; contains irrelevant or unimportant information

Contribution to Field/ Discipline

Clearly states how work advances knowledge in the discipline why it’s important, or how it can be used

Keywords are included

Attempts to connect work to discipline, but might be unclear

Unclear and lacks detail about contribution to the discipline; the abstract does not contain a list of keywords