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Students will create a draft topic approval to submit to the course professor for review and feedback before submitting the request to your academic departments during Week 3.

For this assignment provide:

1. Proposed Topic: 100 – 150 words 

2. A scholarly source that supports the need for the research.

3. Why are you passionate about this topic of research (200 words)

Also, the below questions need to be covered/answered in the assignment:

1)What is the goal of your research? / What are your research goals?  

2)Do you feel you will be able to gather the data for this research? If so, where? Though we are not to that point in your research it is important that you are considering this.

3)What question are you asking in your research? 

4)What research question are you trying to answer with this research?

5)Your dissertation MUST relate to your work. Does this dissertation relate to your work? (FYI, I currently work for a healthcare project as a software engineer)