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Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice

Required Textbook: McNamara, R. H., & Burns, R. (2009). Multiculturalism in the criminal justice system. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 978-0-07-337994-4)

Please read Chapter 4 (Hispanic Americans and the Criminal Justice System) and respond to the following Critical Thinking Questions. You will also respond to 2 of your peers:

What do you think is needed for Hispanic/Latino groups to assimilate and be accepted by mainstream society? Is this necessary? Why does it appear that Americans are reluctant to treat this group fairly? Are the experiences of African Americans similar to or different from those of Hispanics in this country? Give several examples depending on your point of view (Subjective). Why have Cubans been so successful in assimilating into American society yet retaining elements of their native culture?


Terms and Definitions from the chapter


The differences between subgroups within the Latino/a Hispanic Community

The Influence of Central and South America on the culture of the United States of America