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After reading Chapter 1 of the textbook*, watch the film Hugo (USA 2011) and write a short essay touching the following topics:

1. The importance of the Movie Director (page 6): You may need to do some research about director (and New Yorker) Martin Scorsese (he is the same person giving the lecture “Persistence of Vision” you already watched for Assignment 1.

2. Invisibility and the Cinematic Language (page 8): The Film grammar (you will find a Google Slide presentation also under “Course Materials>Unit One) Try to use just one of the scenes from “Hugo” to talk about the importance of the shot, the cutting of action, the transitions, etc.

3. Viewer expectations (page 13): This is very important: Write about your mood and your experience watching the film. Try to do in your answer a little Formal Analysis of “Hugo”, based on the definition of Formal Analysis ( Page 15). If you have access to the online book material, the Video tutorials on page 16 and 27 may be very useful)