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Question 1: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is an encryption and cybersecurity architecture for managing digital certificates and communication encryption. PKI can be used to ensure secure electronic transfer, provide authentication for communications requiring data integrity and stringent proof of identity. The public/private keys created as part of PKI digital certificates can be used to provide a variety of very useful security services including digital signatures and non-repudiation. As the CSO, you’ve been asked to brief the management team on how digital signatures and non-repudiation can be provided through a PKI and what the potential benefits to their use would be.

Question 2: Analyze the relationship between a Feasibility Study and a Cost-Benefit Analysis. Investigate the main reasons why both of these evaluations must tie to the organizational strategic plan. Suggest two (2) issues that an organization may face if these evaluations are not tied to its strategic plan. Provide a rationale for your response. Review the MSF utilized by Microsoft Corporation in Chapter 15 of Kerznerʼs text. Give your opinion as to the degree to which the MSF is versatile. Speculate on whether or not other companies could use MSF, and examine why or why not.

Question 3: From the first e-Activity, list three (3) professional organizations that would offer mentoring or career-focused advantages for graduates in the IT field. Describe the benefits that can be achieved from being engaged in professional social networking. From the second e-Activity, list at least three (3) certification programs for the information technology field or for a specific concentration. Specify the certification(s) that will be the most valuable when coupled with your degree.