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For this weeks discussion board, create a post where you assume that you must select a cloud-based data storage solution for your company. List the factors you would consider when selecting a vendor.

Initial posts should be a minimum of 400 words that cites sources and follows APA formatting.

Also, respond to at least two peers’ posts. Responses should be substantiative and clear and further the conversation by stating what you learned from the post and asking questions. A suggested minimum is 150 words.

Part 2 – Each of you will have received an email from AWS Educate (support@awseducate.com). Click on the link and sign up. Take a screenshot of your AWS console and submit it with your post.

There are instructions with screenshots in the attachment if you need additional assistance.

Note – If you do launch any instances, be sure to shut them down when you are done, Amazon IaaS has an hourly charge and student accounts only have $50 credit for the term. You will need credit for future assignments.

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Cloud Consideration

Cloud service providers have become numerous in the internet. The selection of a cloud service provider would depend on a variety of factors which span from security to cost. Some of the considerations include;

a. Security – the security of the cloud system is of more importance in the maintenance of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information. Since the company will involve the use of the system to store and perform operations related to the business of the organization, then having a good system that has a secure cloud integration is important (Carter, 2019). The security should be inform of the infrastructure being stored there, the confidentiality of the data that is being tired in the cloud storage how secure the communication between the cloud services and the client.

b. Authentication mechanism – sometimes it is essential to consider the type of authentication that is being supported by the system. Doing that will help the organization to come up with good implementations of access privileges to its users (Akiyama et al., 2019). For instance, authentication mechanisms such as the single sign on authentication in Microsoft Azure is a good one for managing the cloud Active Directory. It will allow the centralized access to the resources through the centralized authentication mechanism.

c. Scalability – is another requirement that is essential for checkup when procuring the cloud service provider. It refers to how the system is expandable or degraded based on the demands of the company. For instance, sometimes the company may find out that the traffic to the website is not so huge. Hence, it can reduce the amount of load balancing and availability zones to save on cost. It can also reduce the computer resources like RAM in order to save on the operational costs.

d. Pricing structure – is essential in determining which cloud service provider is financial feasible. It especially becomes important when considering the fact that the company would like to have a good budget and the outsourcing cost should not overshoot the budget. The pricing structure should be flexible so that the company can be paying for the services that are used on demand without extra charges. The pricing structure should be affordable enough.

e. Services – It is important to measure and quantify the nature of services the cloud service provider offers. For instance, our company requires a storage service apart from other services. It will also require infrastructure as a service model and therefore the cloud provider should offer such.


Akiyama, T., Nagai, T., Masuda, H., & Yamaoka, H. (2019, October). How to Integrate On-premise Authentication System into Cloud Services: Single Sign-on for Office365. In Proceedings of the 2019 ACM SIGUCCS Annual Conference (pp. 132-134).

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Cloud Storage: The use of Cloud Storage implies that a client/client/organization will spare their information inside the cloud rather than on a neighborhood framework. The admittance to the information is fulfilled by arrange network and a customer administration. One favorable position of Cloud Storage is that clients can get to their information from any area, regardless of whether they don’t approach their association’s system (Galloway, 2013). More grounded remote systems and more noteworthy utilization of cell phones under BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) have expanded the dependence on online capacity (Erturk and Iles, 2015). Cloud storage characteristics: Cloud storage depends on a virtualized foundation with open interfaces, close moment flexibility and versatility, multi-occupancy and metered assets. Cloud-based information is put away in intelligent pools across unique, item workers situated on premises or in a server farm oversaw by an outsider cloud supplier. Utilizing the RESTful API, an article stockpiling convention stores a record and its related metadata as a solitary item and allots it an ID number. At the point when substance should be recovered, the client presents the ID to the framework and the substance is amassed with all its metadata, confirmation and security. There are different variables which must be taken consideration while picking cloud based data storage arrangement, Some of them are as per the following:-  Cost:- While picking cloud based data storage we should remember that what is spending plan of the organization so we can waitlist those specialist co-ops which falls in our range. Likewise cost productive specialist co-op will set aside the cash which will be spend on data storage, presently organization can go through that cash onto some other undertaking and administrations.  Company Requirement :- Firstly, we should note down the organization’s essential needs and extra(unnecessary)needs.On the premise of our necessity list, we will pick that specialist co-op who will meet with our prerequisites.  Security:- This is central point for picking cloud based information storage arrangement supposing that my organization is going to store tremendous measure of information onto the cloud , at that point security of that information must be the essential worry for the organization. In the event that organization’s information will be release or taken, at that point it will drives our organization into the genuine difficulty and will demolish our organizations notoriety too.  Performance and reliability of cloud service provider:- Before picking any specialist co-op we should investigate past execution of the suppliers so we will get away from of unwavering quality of the specialist co-op. In the event that previous presentation of specialist organization is acceptable that implies we can depend on that.  Rating and Certification:- There are different authentications which is given to any organization by standard associations like ISO(International Organization for Standardization) which are globally perceived. By considering testaments and rating of specialist co-op we can pick right data storage specialist co-op.  Client Support:- On picking vendor,we will look the help which is given by supplier to their clients.Most of the online data storage suppliers professes to give 24*7 help. Since in future on the off chance that you need any assistance, at that point you should guarantee that you pick that specialist organization who gives best client service.  Advance Technology:- There are different cloud storage service providers in the market yet we will pick that supplier who uses trend setting innovation So that getting to and putting away information must be quick and proficient and that innovation must help our organization’s prerequisite. Likewise cutting edge innovation makes sure about our information most proficiently.  Scalability:- On picking the cloud storage supplier we should check for the versatility so that in future, if our company needs proportional up or down the online distributed storage according to the need,then there should not be any issue or trouble in doing this. Here are numerous focal points to store data in the cloud over local storage . Organizations just compensate for the storage they use; the information is rapidly open and solid, there is better security in the event of a calamity, cloud vendors gives equipment repetition and programmed storage failover, basically boundless capacity limits, there are remaining task at hand balance and a brought together perspective on capacity. Then again, there are drawbacks to putting away information in the cloud over local storage :Immaturity, cost and reliability, security, data transmission constraints and inactivity.

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