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Allocate at least 2 hours in the field to support this field experience.

For this field experience, you will assess the 4th grade students from your previous week’s mini lesson, provide them with feedback, and reflect on the summative assessment administration.

Part 1: Assessment

In the previous field experience, you designed and implemented a lesson that provided additional learning support to a selected group of students. In the final part of the assessment process, you will conduct a summative assessment for the same group of students.

Your summative assessment should be designed to determine mastery of identified standards. Prior to completing the assessment, review the pre-assessment to ensure appropriate concepts are measured in the final assessment. Once your summative assessment is complete, ask your mentor teacher to review it for approval.

With permission, administer the assessment to the group of students. You may provide multiple assessment methods (oral, written, technology driven, etc.), and differentiate assessment based on the needs of the students.

Part 2: Provide Feedback 

Individually conference and review each student’s assessment results with him or her. During each conference, ask the following questions to engage the student.

  • How do you feel about the lesson? 
  • What was most difficult?
  • What was easy?

During this time, begin with a positive strength of each student. Provide effective, descriptive feedback by identifying instructional goals for the student to continue working on. End on a positive note that shows compassion, justice, and concern.

Speak with your mentor teacher and, provided permission, use any remaining time to seek out opportunities to observe and/or assist your mentor teacher or another teacher and work with a small group of students on instruction in the classroom. Your mentor teacher must approve any hours spent observing another classroom environment.

Part 3: Reflection 

Submit a 250-500 word reflection of your experience creating and administering a summative assessment, and providing effective student feedback. Why is it important to provide feedback to students? How will this help them? Did the data you collected in the pre-assessment help you prepare an applicable summative assessment?

Submit a description or copy of your assessment, along with your reflection as one deliverable.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Please refer to the attached mini lesson plan in the attachment to complete this assignment. Please address all areas of the assignment. Please be sure to submit assessment with the assignment. 

ELA Mini-Lesson Plan

LaMarcus Streeter

Part 1: Mini-Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 4thELA Standards: 4.RI.KID.2Learning Objectives: To determine the meaning of phrases and words as they are utilized in a text, which involves an analysis of the key elements in the story.
Description of the Unit, the class, is currently learning:In this Unit, the scholars are learning how to summarize a text, where they are aimed to be able to determine the main concept of a text and explaining it how it is supported by key details. In the Unit, the scholars are expected to be detectives and searching in the texts for keywords. Then, they will highlight using their highlighters. At the end of the unit, the scholars will be required to develop a story map, which I found to be very significant in improving the comprehension of the students and assists in developing various ability levels in organizing the information effectively and efficiently.
The book that can be used to create ELA learning activity:The book, which can be utilized in creating the ELA learning activity is the “Because of Winn-DixieThe novel” by Kate DiCamillo and Earth by Jeffrey Zuehlke. The book “Because of Winn-DixieThe novel” by Kate DiCamillo will help in having a clear understanding of the story as the teacher, while the book Earth by Jeffrey Zuehlke, will assist in helping the students as it contains writing accomplishments, terminologies, and many reading commands.
Instructional Strategies:The Unit will involve applications of various instructional strategies.i. Proficient improvement – This system will include taking part in standard expert advancement projects to help in upgrading learning and educating in the classroom.ii. Behavior management– This strategy will aim to ensure the implementation of effective behavior. This will be crucial in ensuring that the scholars have an equal chance of reaching their full potentials.iii. Differentiation– This strategy will involve the allocation of tasks based on the abilities of the scholars, to ensure none is left behind. (How to summarize video) (Act out the book) (Accountable Talk)iv. Cooperative learning– This strategy will encourage scholars of mixed abilities to work together. This will help in promoting small groups or class as a whole. This strategy is very effective, considering that the class will have to perform a group discussion. (Group work) (Think-Pair-Share)
ELA Learning Activity Description:For the ELA learning activity, the scholars are to learn about sequencing and summarizing. This is to be achieved where the students will be able to create a story map for the story “Because of the Winn-Dixie”. The scholars will gain an appreciation and understanding of what experiences brings various people together in the creation of a story map of the story “Because of Winn-Dixie”. The story “Because of Winn-Dixie” involves a story of a girl (Opal) who was lonely and new to town but somehow made new friends everywhere she went. This story involves Opal meeting a stray dog, which names Winn-Dixie.The decent variety from the outset implies contrasts, where the scholars will begin in finishing the concept map for “Assorted variety”. In planning the concept map, the scholars will pose an inquiry on what are a portion of the spots, circumstances, or things, which bring individuals from various foundations together?(The Possible responses comprise public events, disasters, entertainments, sports, jobs, hobbies, animals, friendship, culture, neighborhoods, vacations, funerals, weddings, church, and schools, among others).The Unit will also involve an independent practice and group discussion.The group discussion activity will involve discussion on the text-based vocabulary words and the text-based questions. This will involve using accountable talk practices while citing evidence from the text in their responses as we continue reading the story of the Because of Winn-Dixie.For the independent practice, the scholars will be required to use the information from the group discussion in completing the story map graphics.
Assessment (to be created and administered in Clinical Field Experience D):The scholars will be required to complete a slip in response to the following questions.i. List four words learned from the story of “Because of Winn-Dixie.”ii. What could the question which you would have asked Opal if given a chance?iii. What are three things learned from reading the story of “Because of Winn-Dixie?”

Part 2: Reflection

Based on the mentor teacher feedback, the lesson plan was effective, and considered that it has the essential elements of a lesson plan. These essential elements involve the objectives and the body, as well as reframed and engaging plan to the scholars. More significant for the lesson plan delivery, the reflection has various significant aspects based on the mentor teacher’s feedback. This included a well built lesson that drew upon the prior knowledge of the scholars, involved motivating activities, described expectations and activities, and a lesson plan with components that ensured everyone was paying the attention.

In identifying the success of my lesson plan, first, an effective lesson plan should get the student to think and allow them to interact and ask questions. This aspect is effectively-identified in my lesson plan, where the students will be given a chance to ask any question while working on the story map. The other aspect, an effective lesson plan should be able to investigate various possibilities. For my lesson, it involves an assessment, which will be utilized in understanding the possibilities of the students, and on the areas they did not well understand.

One of the potential areas of growth is the creation of space for students’ discussion and thinking. The major significance of a discussion is helping the scholars in processing the information rather than just receive it. In addition, the leading of the discussions requires skills, where the major strategic objective of the discussion is getting the scholars in practicing critical thinking. The other area for potential growth is being prepared to push the students to think further. This particular involves taking the scholars to another level or giving them a chance in applying their thinking independently.

In meeting the diverse needs of various students during testing, it will involve the implementation of a major strategy. This methodology will include booking the facilities or changes on the permissible length of testing time. This is one of the significant strategies, where the scholars will be offered different time for completing the testing based on their abilities. The findings collected will be preserved to help future researchers on the processes which can benefit the children.

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Course CodeClass CodeAssignment TitleTotal Points
ELM-580ELM-580-O500Clinical Field Experience D: Assessment and Reflection25.0
CriteriaPercentageNo Submission (0.00%)Insufficient (69.00%)Approaching (74.00%)Acceptable (87.00%)Target (100.00%)CommentsPoints Earned
Assessment35.0%Not addressed.Assessment is incomplete, poorly developed, and shows vague understanding of mastery of ELA standards and differentiation strategies.Assessment is complete, but is underdeveloped and shows limited understanding of mastery of ELA standards and differentiation strategies.Assessment is adequately developed and designed in order to determine mastery of ELA standards, with appropriate differentiation strategies.Assessment is proficiently and thoughtfully developed and designed in order to determine mastery of ELA standards, with well-researched and appropriate differentiation strategies.
Reflection20.0%Not addressed.Summary and reflection are missing and/or lacking in the description of the benefits and implications of providing descriptive, effective feedback to students.Summary and reflection include an incomplete description of the benefits and implications of pre-assessing, implementing instruction, and providing descriptive, effective feedback to students.Summary and reflection include a sufficient description of the benefits and implications of pre-assessing, implementing instruction, and providing descriptive, effective feedback to students.Summary and reflection includes a thorough and comprehensive description of the benefits and implications of pre-assessing, implementing instruction, and providing descriptive, effective feedback to students.
Future Implications15.0%Not addressed.Conclusions and applications to future practice are inappropriate or not related to assignment.Conclusions and applications to future practice are lacking in detail of development as a professional.Conclusions and applications to future practice are thoughtful and reflect growth and development as a professional.Conclusions and applications to future practice are insightful and clearly reflect growth and development as a professional.
Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, and language use)30.0%Not addressed.Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. Inappropriate word choice or sentence construction are used.Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistent language or word choice is present. Sentence structure is lacking.Submission includes some mechanical errors, but they do not hinder comprehension. A variety of effective sentence structures are used, as well as some practice and content-related language.Submission is virtually free of mechanical errors. Word choice reflects well-developed use of practice and content-related language. Sentence structures are varied and engaging.
Total Weightage100%