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Double spaced, must include charts, graphs, and outside examples of how other companies might be using your ideas

5 Pages, including charts/graphs

How does the study of promotional and advertising strategy make me a better marketer?

Choose a Company and product. Review their promotional strategy and determine how it increases:

Brand awareness

Product recognition

Increases sales

Promotion Strategies

Promotion (Marketing Communications) Mix

� Advertising � any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods or

services by an identified sponsor � Personal Selling

� a paid form of personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor

� Publicity � any unpaid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods

or services � Sales Promotion

� an activity and/or material that acts as a direct inducement, offering added value or incentive for the product, to resellers, consumers or employees

Promotional Elements Used in IMC

Promotion-Expenditure Strategy

� Percentage-of-Sales

� Per-Unit Expenditure

� All You Can Afford

� Competitive Parity

� Research Approach

� Objective and Task

Promotion Mix Strategy

� Several factors affect the promotional mix:

� Nature of the Product � Stage in the PLC � Target of the Promotion � Promotion Budget � Nature of the Competition � Marketing mix factors

Advertising Campaign Strategy

1. Identify and analyze the target market 2. Define advertising objectives

A. Specific, obtainable, measurable B. Communication and sales

3. Create the advertising platform 4. Determine the advertising appropriation 5. Develop the media plan

A. Type of media B. Specific vehicles C. Reach and frequency D. Message content

Advertising Campaign Strategy – Continued

6. Create the advertising message A. Consider type of media and platform B. Copy and artwork

7. Execute the advertising campaign

8. Evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising A. Extent of reaching objectives B. Testing procedures

Spending on National Advertising: 2003 Projections

Top Ten Fortune 500 Online Advertisers

Top Ten Web Properties Hosting Online Advertising

Publicity Strategy

1. Types A. Press release B. Feature article C. Captioned photograph D. Press conference E. Letters to editor/editorials F. Films/tapes/videos

2. Requirements

3. Limitations

Sales Promotion Strategy

� Objectives � Resellers � Consumers � Employees

� Use with other mix elements

� Sales promotion can not: � generate long-term buyer commitment � stop (except temporarily) declining sales � compensate for lack of advertising or sales support � convince buyers to purchase an unacceptable product

Personal Selling Strategy

� The Sales Process

� Sales Strategy � account targeting strategy � relationship strategy � selling strategy � sales channel strategy

� Sales Management Strategy