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Worksheet Assignment 2

Purpose: To be familiar with the following websites and have a practice to how use both in searching for a nutrient of different foods. You have to do similar job in the project step 2 .

http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb / FoodData Central and https:// ods.od.nih.gov


For question 1: 1. Click on http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb

*** This is a useful website available to the public that you can use to find the information needed to

complete question 1.

2. Search for FoodData Central.

3. In FoodData Central search for the food given in the question.

*** Be careful in the new page ( in fact there are several pages and you can see that at the bottom of

each page.)

4. Be patient you need to click on the best option, matching the name and specification of your food

and it may not necessary be on the first page.

5. Check the selected page carefully because there is a lot of information about the food that you need

to filter out.

6. Now in the top /left and below the name of the food you need to select the best serving size or

weight matching your food weight. This is could be identical to your sample or not. If it’s not,

you need to select the closest weight to your sample weight and calculate the actual amount of

nutrient in your food . (Example : If your sample weight is 400 gm and the closest weight in the web

page is 100 therefore the actual amount of any nutrient will be :

the value from webpage X (400gm/100gm = 4)

For question 2:

1- Click on https:// ods.od.nih.gov

2- Select Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet then search by using the name of vitamins or minerals

3- Click on Health Professional Fact Sheet .

4- Check the new page carefully because there a lot of useful information .

Work Sheet Assignment 2 Name:

1- For each of the following food search and write down the amount of a given nutrients:

Be specific for a given portion

a- Cereal (General Mills Cheerios)/ Ready-to-eat cereal, lower sugar (=<21.2g/100g);

Portion = 50 gram

Water g Energy kcal Protein g Fatty acids , total polyunsaturated

b. Soft taco with meat and sour cream, from fast food

Portion: 2 medium tacos

Weight g Energy kcal Protein Total lipids (fat) Folate, DEF ug (microgram) Vitamin A ,RAE ug

2- Answer the following questions:

a- What foods are contain the highest chromium and then complete the table:

Foods amount Micrograms (ug or mcg) per serving Percent DV

1st –

2nd –

b- What foods are contain the highest Iodine and then complete the table:

Foods amount Micrograms (ug or mcg) per serving Percent DV

1st –

2nd –

3rd –

4th –