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CS170 – Computer Applications for Business

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Answer The Question For Binary / Decimal / Hexadecimal Conversions
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CS170 – Computer Applications for Business Fall 2020 • Assignment 2

Due Date: Before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 18th, 2020

Accept Until: Before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 25th, 2020

Evaluation: 25 points

Submit to Canvas: ONE FILE: assignment2_answers.docx file

To earn credit for this assignment: 1. Your file must be uploaded to Canvas on time. 2. The TA should be able to display your file by just clicking on its link.

Background: This assignment is designed to practice conversions of numbers between the three most widely used numerical notations in Information Technology: Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal. For this assignment, you will upload your answers file to Canvas so that it can be accessed by just clicking on the file’s link. Directions:

• Create a new Word file and save it as assignment2_answers.docx • Answer the questions listed below and on the next page and place the answers on the

document you just created. • You must show your work for each question to earn full points for your answers. Simply

entering the answers will not earn points. To show your work, you may: o Type your work in the word document so that it is easy to see how you arrived at your

answer OR o You can work the problem on paper and take a picture of your work and insert the

picture into your document at the appropriate place. • Enter your name and section at the top of the page. • After answering the questions, download and save your file to a folder of your choosing on your

computer. You will have now a standalone file for submission to Canvas. • Submit your assignment2_answers.docx file to Canvas using the Canvas-> Assignments link.

Questions to be answered and submitted (25 points):

• Binary / Decimal / Hexadecimal conversions – SHOW WORK FOR EACH: (2 points each)

1. Convert Decimal 19 to Binary. 2. Convert Binary 1001 to Decimal. 3. Convert Decimal 93 to Binary. 4. Convert Binary 11010110 to Decimal. 5. Convert Binary 01011101 to Hexadecimal. 6. Convert Hexadecimal D2 to Decimal. 7. Convert Decimal 49 to Hexadecimal. 8. Convert Hexadecimal BF to Binary.

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9. Convert Hexadecimal C4 to Decimal. 10. Convert Decimal 179 to Hexadecimal.

• Free Response Questions

(1 point each) 1. What is the largest decimal number that can be represented by 5 bits. Briefly Explain your

answer. 2. Given the binary representation of a number, how can you determine if that number is

EVEN (divisible by 2) or ODD? 3. Given the binary number 1011, what is the next consecutive binary value? (What happens

when you add 1 to 1011)? Explain how you arrived at your answer. 4. How would you describe the result of taking any binary number and multiplying it by two?

Note that there is a pattern and you should not have to do any actual multiplying! 5. What is ONE advantage of using HEXADECIMAL numbers over BINARY numbers?

For your assignment to be graded, please include the following statement AFTER the answers to the above questions: “On my honor, I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this assignment.”

Notes: – Log on to your Canvas account and upload your completed file. – After uploading your file, check your upload by clicking on the file’s link. – Your TA should be able to check your work by clicking on the file’s link. References:

• Course website on Canvas • Chapter 7 of the Fluency7 textbook • Learning Objectives listed in Week_02_Resources

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