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   Four scholarly sources APA 1600 word count not to include sites as word count.    

Never use an encyclopedia or a dictionary as a reference  

 BOOK: Ethics in the Criminal Justice System

Scott H. Belshaw I Peter Johnstone Aaron Thompson

 Chapter 2 The Importance of Ethics in Criminal Justice.


Define the code of silence and explain how it might play into a platonic cave example.


Define racial profiling and provide an example. In your response, differentiate between criminal profiling and racial profiling. To what degree are these concepts ethical in your opinion? 


Name and define the four formulations of Kant’s categorical imperative. Give examples for each.


Explain the concept of Mills’ consequential utilitarianism.


Using the internet, identify a current event (last 3 years) where a criminal justice practitioner in policing committed an unethical act(s). Using this event, clearly identify the ethical dilemma or unethical action. Using this current event, apply components of utilitarianism. How would the unethical action be viewed under this paradigm? For example, would it be considered wrong? ; What would an appropriate action to the dilemma been?; How should the actor be sanctioned?, etc…