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Answer all questions and show all the work

SEC 501 – Fall 2020 : Homework 02

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Solar Energy
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You may work with a partner

(1) (25 pts) Show that the general formula for the incidence angle versus other solar

angles verifies that the incident angle (inc) is zero at solar noon for a module facing due south when the tilt angle ( is equal to the latitude (L) minus the declination ()

(2) (50 pts) Sketch the Motion of the Sun diagrams for an observer (a) at the equator,

(b) at the arctic circle, and (c) in Phoenix, AZ

(3) (25 pts) We have learned in class that the Solar Constant (or the value of the

Extraterrestrial Irradiance) for the Earth is 1367 W/m2.

a. Use this value to calculate the total solar power output of the Sun.

b. Use the results of part a to calculate the Solar Constant for Mars.

cosqinc  = sind sinfL cosb – sind cosfL sinb cosyW

            + cosd cosfL cosb cosw  + cosd sinfL sinb cosyW cosw

            + cosd sinb sinyW sinw

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