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Exercise 3-A presented an inkblot as an example of a projective test. Here are some inkblot interpretations that I’ve collected from previous semesters. I’ve numbered them (and indicated the gender of the respondent) so that you can refer to each one individually when you “analyze” these responses. What are your “interpretations” of these responses? Are there hidden motives being expressed here? What do the responses represent symbolically? What do you think these respondents might be projecting? Also, feel free to post what you saw in the inkblot, if you are willing to be “analyzed” by your classmates.

(#1, woman) — Run, faster, hot, fire, burn, fear, ugly, afraid, fear. My thoughts were in removing myself as quickly as possible, before I was burned. My fear of the eyes was as great as or greater than the fear of being burned. That is why I did not verbalize the eyes, the fear was unspeakable.

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(#2, woman) — When I looked at the inkblot the first thing that came into my mind was that the picture looked a mask of a demon staring back at me angrily. The next day I went back and looked at the picture again this time the first thing I saw was two hippos dancing back to back with their shadows cast on the ground. I wondered why I would have such opposite views. Maybe my views on the picture are related to situation or perhaps my mood. I don’t know. I’m just curious

(#3, woman) — When I first saw the picture as a whole, I saw a mask with cut out “evil-eyes” and fat cheeks. I also saw a hippo mouth on both sides of the mask. Looking closer I saw some big smiling fish eating the eyes. Looking even closer at the cut out at the top of the mask, I saw two naked women facing each other. They have their tongues sticking out. Their breasts are also sticking out. Their knees are bent and touching each other.

(#4, man) — I see a mask; I see lips of a vagina; I see a headless chicken that’s been split open and spread; I see a butterfly; I see something sinister in the two eyes; I see two characters from the Beatles “Yellow Submarine”.

(#5, woman) — I looked at the inkblot and then quickly jotted down the first things that came to mind. Here they are: diseased lungs a scary mask a heart after unsuccessful bypass surgery. These seem very strange to me. I wish I had seen a beautiful butterfly like others did!

(#6, man) — I see the outline of a butterfly. I see a volcano erupting and lava blasting everywhere. The white marks in the center remind me of an elephant’s tusks and the big ears flaring out.

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