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ENG 1302

Dr. Battles

Fall 2020

Writing Project #1

Describing and Analyzing an Artifact


For this introduction to primary research, you will need to find an artifact that has meaning to you. You can choose a personal object or a community object. Find an artifact that fits within the parameters of the definition of an artifact in the textbook: “The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains that an ‘artifact may be defined as an object that has been intentionally made or produced for a certain purpose. Often the word ‘artifact’ is used in a more restricted sense to refer to simple, hand-made objects which represent a particular culture” (110).When choosing an artifact, remember that “artifacts are tied to cultures, and the examination of artifacts is one way to better understand a particular community” (110).

The Assignment

You are required to write an essay that examines the importance of this artifact to you personally and your relationship to it by including the following:

1. A quantitative (physical) description. This description should be objective—think of describing the object to someone who had never seen the object.

2. Categorize the artifact—where did you find it and what sort is it? Include a picture.

3. A qualitative description—subjective details that reveal its significance. Include your opinions of the artifact, how it makes you feel, its significance.

4. Locate the artifact—Determine the community to which this artifact belongs, the significance of the artifact to the group.

For a community artifact:

Use the guidelines on pages 114-115 for a more detailed description of what you might consider in your analysis.


· Essay should be a minimum of 600 words (2 pages, double spaced). Essay should conform to MLA or APA format.

· Essay organization:

· Introduction—introduce the purpose of the essay—thesis sentence (why this artifact is important to you.

· Body—multi-paragraph in which you include items 1-4 (above) of the assignment. Focus on the qualitative description, as this will prove your thesis (why it is important).

· Conclusion—End with the most compelling reason why this artifact is important to you.

· You will lose 10 points and any opportunity for revision if you do not have a complete draft for peer evaluation on the day the draft is due.