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please i need someone to help me with just the Introduction of my teams business case. so basically you just have to read the instruction written in blue and follow it.

so we develop a business name, so you just have to write the introduction based on the name derived. thanks 

Running head: BUSINESS CASE 1

Week 2 – Project Business Case

Project Business CaseAqua Group September 6, 2020PMAN 634, Section 9040, Fall SemesterHolly WellingtonTiffany MooreCynthia SaaleAdrian JohnTolu AdedejiJess GeorgeChange HistoryDate changedChange detailsReason for change (if applicable)Responsible for change[January 1, 2016][Content added, deleted, or modified][i.e., edited scope description](i.e., John Smith, or other course team member)Table of ContentsProject Name 4 Business Needs 4 Analysis of Situation 4 Recommendations/Evaluation 5 References 6 Appendix 7

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[This section provides an introduction to the group project. One to two paragraphs should be sufficient to introduce the project at a high level – more details will follow in the project charter and project management plan in upcoming weeks. Review the PMBOK for more information about creating the business case for a proposed project).

At this point in the project you are working on this project from the perspective of the buyer (customer/client), not the project management or performing organization. You will develop a business case that will summarize the organization’s assessment/need for the project In Week 3, you will start to approach the project from the perspective of the selected project management performing organization to develop the charter of the project).

Business Needs

[Use this section to discuss what is prompting the need for action (i.e., action such as initiating the project). You will provide a situational statement documenting the business problem OR opportunity to be addressed, including the value to be delivered to the organization. What stakeholders or stakeholder groups will be affected by the problem/opportunity and the action you are proposing? Identify the scope of the proposed project. Describe the characteristics of the product, service, or result of the project. Include a discussion of the relationship between the project/product and the business need that is driving the project and the product(s) that is/are being created.]

Analysis of Situation

[Describe the organizational strategies, goals, and objectives. What is/are the root cause(s) of the problem or main contributors of an opportunity. Describe any gaps in capabilities needed for the proposed project versus existing capabilities of the organization. An example might be if you are implementing an organizational-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Your organization does not have the IS/IT system integration experts to manage this type of project. Identify and briefly describe the known risks for this project and the critical success factors that could be used to measure project success. What decision criteria will be used to assess courses of action (see PMBOK for examples).


[Briefly state the recommended option to pursue in the project, such as an analysis results for the potential option, any constraints, assumptions, risks, and dependencies for the potential options and success measures. What is your implementation approach? In this approach, think about the milestones, dependencies, and roles/responsibilities.

Briefly describe your plan for measuring the benefits the project will deliver to the organization. In this plan, also consider the ongoing operational aspects of the recommended option beyond the initial implementation of the project’s product/service.


[Add or remove references as needed. Your team will want to support your discussion of key project management principles with some type of scholarly reference(s).]


Simplified Scoring Model

[Describe the firm’s options for project selection and how a simple scoring model was used to select a project. Explain how the selection criteria were determined and why the firm selected the project that will now become the group project for the rest of the semester].

[Add the scoring model here. For “Selection Criterion” consider using the project requirements (length of project, complexity, fixed cost, etc.) outlined in the Team Project Requirements document in the course content and then add others for qualitative/quantitative selection criteria.]

(A)(B)(A) x (B)
ProjectCriteriaImportance WeightScoreWeightedScore
Project Name (1)Criterion (1)Criterion (2)Criterion (3)Criterion (4)Total Score
Project Name (2)Criterion (1)Criterion (2)Criterion (3)Criterion (4)Total Score
Project Name (3)Criterion (1)Criterion (2)Criterion (3)Criterion (4)Total Score
Project Name (4)Criterion (1)Criterion (2)Criterion (3)Criterion (4)Total Score