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Choose 1 of the following scenarios. Within the Discussion Board area, answer the questions associated with your chosen scenario. Be substantive, clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Initial posts should be 300-500 words. Remember, you only need to pick one scenario to respond to!

Scenario 1: I live by or have traveled to a natural landform.

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Scenario 2: I would love to travel to a natural landform.  

  • What is the landform you would love to travel to? Why?  
  • Based on your research, what do you think your experience visiting the landform will be like? How do you think you will feel being there?
  • Describe the landform. 
  • How was the landform created?  Provide background/history if possible. Use information from the course materials here.
  • How/why is the landform changing?

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