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ENG 1302

Dr. Battles

Fall 2020

Writing Project #1

Describing and Defining an Artifact (Personal Artifacts)


1. What artifact have you chosen?

2. If it is not in your possession, where is it? Why?

3. Why did you choose this artifact?

4. How long have you had it?

5. How unusual or unique is it?

6. If other people have something like it, what distinguishes yours from others like it?

7. Has it only belonged to you?

8. Why does it matter to you?

9. What is the most difficult part of the quantitative description of the artifact?

10. What is the most distinctive thing about the artifact from an objective point of view?

11. Do you associate the artifact with a community (family, sport team, church, etc.)?

12. Has the artifact altered in importance to you in the time you have had it?

13. Is it of value only to you? Valuable in what way?

14. Write a detailed quantitative description of the artifact.