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Case Presentation (Client System Analysis)

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1) Week #9 Assignment #2

2) Post ppt in Blackboard according to the ppt schedule; Only email me if Blackboard does not accept the presentation due to size.


1) Must be in a voiceover format (ie, Kaltura, ppt, prezi, imovie, windows movie maker, voicethread and panopto etc.; feel free to be creative – you can use pictures (not of clients unless they are already on agencies website/brochures).

2) Present to class within 10-12 mins and be prepared for 5-10 mins of questions/discussion.

3) Student will still need to be present on the day of scheduled presentation for play and questions/discussion.

Select a client system for beginning problem analysis. This can be an individual, couple,

family, small treatment group, or community task group (Note: limited contact, i.e. 1-2

encounters with the client system, is acceptable and expected since this is your second

semester in your field placement.)

1. Client description and engagement

a. Briefly describe your client system (identify the members of the client system and their key demographic information, e.g. role, age, gender, ethnicity, SES). Discuss how your client system came to the attention of your agency or its social work unit. Identify the reason for the referral and/or the client system’s presenting problem.

b. Choose one of the two issues below to further describe the context for engagement with the client:

i. Evaluate the degree to which the agency’s mission, services, and policies helped or hindered the client system’s ability to use the agency, OR ( http://www.shpch.com/services.html – THIS IS MY AGENCY LINK

ii. Examine concerns related to an ethical dilemma, diversity and/or societal/institutional oppression, which were relevant to the engagement process.

2. Assessment

a. Describe one problem-for-work (presenting problem) of your client system. (Note: there may be several problems on which to work; summarize the situation and problems generally, and then focus on one for the purposes of this analysis.)

i. Include an analysis of the problem as the client sees it, as defined by significant other systems involved, and as you see it.

ii. Provide at least 2 plausible hypotheses for the cause (etiology) and/or maintenance of the problem. Make sure that your hypotheses reflect at least two levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, or environmental.

iii. Refer to theory (e.g., role, cognitive behavioral, systemsto frame your perspective Access a sufficient amount of empirical research to help you to understand the cause or maintenance of the problem. In other words, develop your case theory based on theory and evidence.

b. Discuss the strengths and resources of the client, which became apparent in the process of problem identification and assessment. Describe how at least one of these strengths or resources could be pivotal in the development of an intervention plan.

3. Contracting and Planning for Intervention

a. Describe the process of moving from problem identification to contracting and goal setting with your client system.

b. Evaluate the status of your relationship with the client. How will you maintain (or if needed improve) it?

c. Briefly describe any missteps you had in contracting and goal-setting for intervention. How did you recover?

d. Specifically, describe the contract and goals that you have developed or are developing to address the problem-for-work you identified. In particular, comment on the nature of the contract established (verbal, written, implicit, explicit) and the rationale for your choice.

e. Evaluate the quality of your goals. Are they specific? Measurable? Were they mutually developed with the client? How will you know the goals have been met?

** Remember, as a student, you will not be rated on the basis of what you did but on your

level of understanding and analysis of your assessment and interventions. The

presumption is that demonstrating insight will contribute to the development of your

future competence **

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