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Discussion 1 Shalonda P

First and foremost, I believe the only correct way for a teacher to react at any time is to be as professional as possible. When they are first approached by the parent, one should listen to the parents’ concerns so that the parent knows they are listening. Even if the parent says something that may rub you the wrong way, remember as a Christian we should be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. This shows the parents that you are ready to receive the information given to you. After receiving the information from the parent who may clearly have a sense of entitlement. You should thank them for their concerns, and you will consider their suggestions. However, one should let the parent know that each student will be treated as your own. You are not only doing this because you love your students, but by law you are required to do so for each student, while acting in loco parentis; It is a legal term that means “in place of parents (Charles & Cole, 2019).” This will let the parents know in a nice way that when the student is at school in your classroom you are responsible for students, their safety, and how to discipline them.

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Discussion 2
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Also, stress to parents that you will treat each student equally no matter the circumstance and then give them a copy of your classroom rules and procedures. This will give the parent a clear understanding of what is expected of the student and each student will be expected to follow these guidelines. This will get the message across that no will be treated with special or different from other students. This should eliminate any sense of entitlement, or at least make the parent understand that you are in control, but not in an assertive way, but in an informative and respectful manner.

Shalonda P

Discussion 2 Tiffany

When it comes to students and being in school with teachers and being at home with parents, entitlement goes two ways.  It is important to flourish a teacher and parent relationship.  Dealing with many walks of life from different people from year to year can be exacting.  Teachers and parents relationship can be difficult and tense sometimes.  Dealing with many personalities from students and parents; misunderstanding, miscommunication, and the lack of empathy can exist. Not all parents are cooperative; not excluding teachers, but some teachers can be hard to deal with too.  There will be rational challenges at times. No matter how difficult and testing; we still have to put into effort to interact with the parents empathically and professionally.  In the education field teaching does not only involves the education of the students but it can involves educating and having patience with the family.  Include parents and guardian because teaching starts from home.  Parents are the first to know their child before teachers do.  Ask parents to actively partake.  I ask my parents to share with me anything they have concerns with about their child.  I ask them what helps your child to learn, what some are things they consider to be useful in the child’s life.  As parents comfortably share their child interest, weakness, and strengths it will help aid into developing a positive connection.  However, it is a shift when some parents are not supportive of their child’s learning and achievements or their struggles.  Some show no signs of concerns or care to interact.  There have been times I’ve been joyous about sharing with a parent their child’s mastered Star Literacy score, and the parent will give a nonchalant remark or expression.  I was concerned by the lack of interest from the parent.  Later, the parent explained that she was dealing with issues which were interfering with her parenting.  Parents deal with struggles and with many financial hardship issues. According to James 4:11-12; we should not be quickly to judge and criticized.  Although, we may not be able to fix all problems, but nevertheless; as a Christian we can be supportive in directing them to resources that will be benefiting for their family needs.  There’s no way we can care about the student and do not care about the parents or guardian.  When the family hurt; the student hurts.

Discussion 3 Torami

When teachers are dealing with parents that show a sense of entitlement the most important thing is to remember to remain calm and be genuine about listening to them for understanding of the issues that they may have concerning their child. Isaiah 7:4 teaches us to be careful, keep calm, and not to be afraid. As a father myself, I know that it is very important that our children are getting the best educational experience possible from the most qualified person to do the job. I know that this creates a lot of fear and concerns for many parents. The first thing that I would to do as the teacher of that parent’s child would be to break the ice by simply thanking that parent for allowing me the opportunity to be able to teach their child. The next thing I would want to do is assure that parent that I will be working hard to make sure that their child has an opportunity to be as successful as they possibly can in my class along with the other children that are in my class. I would let them know that they can get in touch with me at any time either by school phone number or by email with any concerns about their child progression or behavioral issues. I believe that if show the parent you are genuinely concerned about their child’s education as they are this will help to create a positive impact for parent teacher and student working relationships. 

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